Production of the fire hose with internal rubber lining

Bursting pressure test fire hose with internal rubber lining

According to the requirements of the OSW´s quality management samples of the rubber lined hoses have to be tested for the bursting pressure. The operating manager takes pieces of hoses from the current production and checks their bursting pressure in a tester. One end of the hose is tightly closed while the other end is attached to a water line. A pump steadily increases the pressure inside the hose until it finally bursts. A digital manometer controls the pressure and stops at the maximum when the hose burst.

This type of hose has to withstand an internal pressure of up to 50 bar [725psi] to pass the test and fulfill the DIN-requirements, which equals the quadruple water pressure of a normal usage in fire brigades. The hoses of the OSW Eschbach GmbH always resist a pressure of more than 50bar [725psi] and up to 120bar [1740psi] according to the construction type.

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Bursting pressure test