Production of inside and outside rubber-lined hoses

Stock department (binding & dispatch area) inside and outside rubber-lined hoses

The manufacturing area where all the coiled and cut hoses of all product categories come together is called binding & dispatch area. First, the hoses receive a stamp containing the DIN-approval number, the name of the producer, date of production and length. Only when the hose got its appropriate couplings on both ends it is complete. Light alloy couplings are most common because of the weight, but according to customer wish and special usage brass couplings and stainless-steel couplings are also available.

The OSW Eschbach GmbH is able to bind every type of required coupling. At least eight different kinds of couplings are permanently available and special fittings can be arranged in consultation with the customers.

In the last step of manufacturing the hose is put on the connector, the inner part of the coupling. According to the type and size of the coupling this connector has got two or three splices which are small indentations in the surface where strands of wire are twisted to gain a powerful interlocking of the hose and the coupling ready for highest requirements. Finally, an employee pulls the counterpart, the so-called clamp fitting, over the connector and attaches it with circlip in order that both coupling parts can be twisted against each other.

Now the hose is ready, it gets coiled, bundled, wrapped up and sent to the place of destination.

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