Semi Rigid Quick Attack Booster Hose according DIN EN 1947

Syntex Monoflex S and S HD blue or orange

OSW Eschbach Fire Hose Syntex Monoflex S and S HD blue
OSW Feuerwehrschlauch Syntex Monoflex orange

Product features Fire Fighting Hose Syntex Monoflex S and S HD blue or orange

  • inside: high-quality, very light synthetic rubber on the basis of EPDM (reinforced performance)
  • outside: jacket of 100 % high tenacity synthetic polyester yarn (standard colour: blue and orange; other on request), special monofilament yarns in the weft provide dimensional stability and high pressure resistance
  • lighter than a delivery hose type S (weight saving: ca. 35,0 kg by a D/25mm 50m-length)
  • very light and flexible hose quality that is also to handle by one person
  • by dimensional stability ready for use even when rolled up
  • minimum maintenance
  • extremely resistant to aging and ozone and UV
  • excellent abrasion resistance
  • temperature range from – 40 °C up to +100 °C
  • minimum friction loss because of very smooth inner lining
  • standard length: S25–50 m (other length on request)
  • standard couplings: light alloy storz-C/52mm-couplings, standard binding: stainless steel wire
  • on request our hoses will be delivered with kink protection and hand protection
  • DIN EN 1947:-II-B-5

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