OSW SmartPROTECT – The “smart” hose sleeve

Hoses are of great importance here. Every firefighting team should be able to rely on the quality of the hose material. Nothing could be worse than accidents caused by poor maintenance and testing. The German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) therefore stipulates testing requirements that must be followed. Equipment handlers and hose maintenance staff have a great deal of responsibility here, as they must document all test results in a legally compliant manner. Taking the corresponding inventory, as well as providing proof of maintenance and cleaning processes, is largely done using manual, time-consuming and labour-intensive processes.

The challenge:

• Efficient and automated inventory taking of equipment
• Completeness check of all the prescribed storage systems on fire engines
• Obligation to provide evidence of cleaning processes carried out – also for hoses

One step forward with OSW SmartPROTECT​

We have found a practical and visionary solution to this challenge: the OSW SmartPROTECT – a protective sleeve with innovative RFID-Technology.

The abbreviation RFID is short for “Radio Frequency Identification”. RFID is a widely used technology for the contactless transmission of (identification) data from one device to another via magnetic radio waves. Basically, RFID technology consists of a transponder and a reader.

OSW Eschbach GmbH is a partner of tagItron. tagItron is one of the leading providers for the development and implementation of RFID technologies. Providing specialised solutions for RFID identification in the field of fire and rescue services are the focus of its operations. With tagItron solutions, taking inventories of all the equipment stored in a fire-fighting vehicle are no longer a vision, but a reality.

RIFD Technologie

When used for all the equipment stored in the vehicle, RFID enables all the equipment on the vehicle to be tracked quickly. Any missing equipment is tracked immediately and the right action can be taken without delay. The innovative technical solution is very impressive because of the tremendous amount of time that is saved, since time-consuming manual inventory processes are completely eliminated.

Two OSW SmartPROTECT sleeves are fitted facing each other on each hose. The tags integrated in the sleeves guarantee a stable and correct reading – regardless of the position of the hose. The tags do not get hidden even if they are positioned on the reverse side of the hose. The synchronised information on all RFID tags on the hose ensures reliable data collection.

The functionality of the RFID transponders used in the OSW SmartPROTECT sleeve is certified:

• 10-fold flashover simulation withstands the toughest stress
• Static and dynamic frequency and performance measurements in accordance with ESKA 202010
• Heating to 600° C for seconds – followed by direct shock cooling to -30° C for 15 minutes

All tested equipment with the “smartPROTECT” sleeve passed the test without any impact on functionality.

Safety during use

The OSW SmartPROTECT sleeve fulfils the standard requirements for the L2/L3 hose and offers perfect protection for the connection. It has a very good edge sliding effect and thus prevents snagging on the coupling. The “smart” protective sleeve is available in sizes C/42mm, C/52mm and B/75mm as original equipment or as a retrofit kit and works with every Storz coupling.

Of course, the practical protective sleeve is also available without the RFID function.