OSW SmartFIT – The “smart” connection system​

Efficiency and speed are extremely important for deploying rescue teams. In such situations often a few minutes or even seconds can make all the difference. This makes it all the more important that equipment is ready to hand and ready for use. This also includes connecting a hose coupling to the required hose on site. We have accepted this challenge and created an efficient and economical connection system with our OSW smartFIT innovation.


Couplings can be attached to the hose in just three steps using the OSW smartFit hose clamp 2-piece shell. Apart from an Allen key, no other tools or equipment are required. Our OSW smartFIT connection system is available in sizes C/42, C/52 and B/75. The hose clamp 2-piece shells can also be equipped with innovative RFID technology for smooth inventory management on request.

The abbreviation RFID is short for “Radio Frequency Identification”. RFID is a widely used technology for the contactless transmission of (identification) data from one device to another via magnetic radio waves. Basically, RFID technology consists of a transponder and a reader.

The “smart” connection system is impressive with its many advantages:

  • Perfect sliding function due to conical shape
  • Connection and disconnection also possible at the place of use
  • Significant time saving when laying the hose during use
  • Made from high-strength, glass fibre-reinforced plastic
  • High material strength
  • Much higher leak tightness of the connection than required by DIN14811

Do you have one minute?

We ask because you can use the OSW smartFIT to connect the hose coupling with the hose clamp 2-piece shell in just one minute – and in just three steps.



Material required for installing the smartFIT


1st Step: Attaching the hose clamp 2-piece shell


2nd Step: Screwing on both sides using an Allen key


3rd Step: Final tightening of both screws – ready for safe use.