Toughest Videopost – Workout with Fire Fighter Posanz

We have presented the full-body workout by Fire Fighter Joachim Posanz in a compact video post on Facebook and on our homepage in order to introduce ourselves as sponsor of the European champion of fire fighting sport and to support our brand ambassador. Today we can report of a very successful campaign that exceeded all our expectations. We hereby want to thank all participants for the great cooperation!

Posanz is the brand ambassador of DIE SCHLAUCHWEBEREI.

Fire fighter Joachim Posanz who has been awarded multiple times is our successful brand ambassador of DIE SCHLAUCHWEBEREI for several years now. The fire fighter from Göttingen belongs to the high elite in firefighting sport and the Ohrdrufer Schlauchweberei Eschbach GmbH supports the multiple World- and European champion during his active training and his successful participations in national and international competitions. Currently he is two-time World champion, two-time European champion and nine-times German champion.


Fire fighter develops full-body workout for firemen

The workout by Joachim Posanz consists of eight sporty stages was especially designed for firefighting sport. The functional body workout meets all sporting requirements and is conducted with fire hoses made by the Ohrdrufer Schlauchweberei that can be found on fire engines. First, the competitive fire fighter did the fitness exercises wearing the full protective gear and respirator then topless giving proof of his personal fitness. During the workout he gives further information to the specific exercises.


Statistically our video post was a space missile

Right from the start the post, that we published on January 24th, got many likes and shares and was commented by our Facebook subscribers and other users. Even Radio 112 acknowledged the quality and advertising effectiveness of the video, thereby opening an even larger media coverage for our post of Joachim Posanz’s workout.We have reached more than 355.000 people with this post. The video was clicked 121.000 times and we could attract 320 new subscribers to ‘Die Schlauchweberei’ on Facebook. Summing up all video views results in phenomenal overall time of 50.000 minutes, which is a striking proof of the professional job the whole team did.


Storyboard der OSW und ihrer Webeagentur mit Firefighter

Sales employees of the ‘Schlauchweberei’ Ohrdruf, fire fighter Joachim Posanz and a team of the advertising agency have developed a precise storybook in preparation prior to the recordings of the video. So, they could ensure that the recordings at the main fire station in Göttingen went on quickly and trouble-free as the video was taken while the normal operations were running in the fire station. The recordings with different OSW- fire hoses were taken with several cameras from different angles. After that the raw footage with an overall length of more than three hours was cut to the planned total length of 1:12 min.